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TechIT Brasil repair all Apple and PC models at same day - Call 11-3042-1752 (for English or Italian) or send us a message Whatsapp to 11-964187647.

Repair Shop specialised in Apple, PC and some Android Mobiles
Website design - Computer and Accessories to sell - Cyber Security - Accessories and much more

Reviews from our customers


We repair iPhone - iPad - iPod - Macbook Pro - Apple TV - iMac -Mac Pro - Macbook Air - and other Apple Models

PC Windows Linux

We repair all PC Models as Dell, ASUS, Acer, Toshiba, Positivo, Alienware, HP, Lenovo, Vaio -  Android as well

Services Provided

We provide website design, site hosting, cyber security consultancy, computer and accessories to sell and more.

About TechIT

TechIT was born of the necessity of our customers to find alternatives to quality, great assistance, agility in repairs, without the authorised's prices, and the tradicional repair shops.

TechIT was created in London, England, in 2007 up today, Verona and Milan in Italy 2009, and Brazil in Mogi das Cruzes 2012 and São Paulo Tatuapé 2017, about more than 10 years as Apple's specialists, and more than 20 year in PC Windows.

The TechIT Network are build with other great brands for the final customer, companies, great medias, and sectors where is essencial keep all equipments secure and working, therefore we offer IT consultancy and Website Design for your company or personal blog to influence your customers, fans or public

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Who I am and why I want to help you

I'm graduated in Computer Science and Law Science, Post-Grad in Computer Forensic, Diploma in Google IT Support Specialist, Specialisation in Data Science (Johns Hopkins University USA), and in love with Apple. Since 2007 I got in my hands an iPhone Edge and iPod, from that day I discover the power of the Apple's gadgets and in how to repair them in our Repair Shop in London, opening new Repair shops in 2009 Milan and in 2012 Brazil. More than 10 years working with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Computers Apple.

"There is no equipment of the same internal technology and that delivers the needs of the user completely, be in Apple computers or in Gadgets, it was a revolution that many today run behind to improve or match, benefits that 10 years ago was a dream for many today is a reality available to many people whether by competition or Apple itself."

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Repair Shop Apple and PC in São Paulo and Mogi das Cruzes


Apple Computer

We repair all Apple Computers, iMac, Mac Pro or Vintages as PowerMac

Apple Laptop

We repair all Apple's Laptop. Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, or vintages as iBook

Apple iPad and Tablets

We repair Apple iPad  and some Android Models. Vintages iPad 1 up to the new iPad Pro 

Apple iPod

We repair most of the iPod models,  iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Nano, iPod Touch.

Apple iPhone

We replace the Battery, Broken Screen, Connectors, cables, and other repairs to all iPhone Models


We develop Website for your company or personal blog, to increase your net presence, and web hosting, clouding and other services

Windows / Linux

We repair all PC Models Asus, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Sony, Vaio, and many others

Services and Technology

Our Branch in UK together with Brazil delivers other services in I.T. as Cyber Security, Data Science, AWS, and much more
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Reviews from our customers

  • Atendimento ótimo e rápido!!! Antes de chegar a eles, fui na Conserta Smart e eles fizeram um trabalho muito insatisfatório que precisou de reparos posteriores. O Alan, da Iphone Mogi, rapida e eficientemente detectou o problema e cobrou apenas o valor mínimo. Super recomendo!!

    Rosangela Hoshi Avatar Rosangela Hoshi

    Excelente! Honestidade ímpar!

    Camila Assis Avatar Camila Assis

    Otimoooo atendimento! Tks a lot.

    Tati Lucio Avatar Tati Lucio
  • Serviço de altíssima qualidade aliado a um excelente preço!!!!!! Recomendooooooo mesmoooo!! Obrigada equipe Iphone Mogi, estão de parabéns!!!

    Carolini Melo Avatar Carolini Melo

    Atendimento diferenciado e serviço de ótima qualidade :)

    Camila Moura Avatar Camila Moura

    Ótimo atendimento e agilidade nos serviços. Super indico!

    Kathy Lemes Avatar Kathy Lemes
  • Levem seu iphone no melhor lugar de mogi que eh o iphonemogi,levem sem medo que eu levei o melhor e tive a confiança lah...valeu iphonemogi

    Felipe Martins Avatar Felipe Martins

    Trabalho excelente . Recomendo.

    Simone Sampaio Avatar Simone Sampaio

    Otimooo trabalho,meu Iphone está liiiindoooo!!!!

    Giulia Bereng Avatar Giulia Bereng
  • Atendimento de qualidade! Cumpre o que promete!recomendo o serviço!

    Lucas Paolera Avatar Lucas Paolera

    Excelente lugar de confiança com preço justo, super recomendo .

    Gabriela Vicentin de Araújo Avatar Gabriela Vicentin de Araújo

    Atendimento ótimo, honesto e de qualidade ! Estão de parabéns iPhone Mogi

    Danielle Teixeira Avatar Danielle Teixeira
  • Atendimento excelente !!! Rápido , eficaz e perfeito !!! Recomendo com certeza !!

    Daniela Silva Avatar Daniela Silva

    Ótimo atendimento! Mais cliente feliz! E cliente feliz sempre leva mais pessoas!

    Felipe Rocha Avatar Felipe Rocha

    Muito bom! Indico a todos! Excelente trabalho, rápido e eficiente!

    Pedro Luan Avatar Pedro Luan

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